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 Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop

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PostSubject: Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop   Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:18 pm


Hello! Welcome to my close-range Iop guide! Before we get indepth, I must warn you, this guide is not for beginners. It costs a lot of money, and requires a moderate to heavy amount of knowledge in-game.

-The Purpose-

This guide is meant for one purpose. Getting up close and personal, and dealing heavy to fatal damage in one, or two blows. This would be done with the Iop's ultimate arsenal; His sword, and his two hands. Strength, will be what kills your enemies. It could all be done in one or two turns.

-The Attributes-

You probably think I'd say, "Go all pure Strength!", but you're wrong. Because you will be right next to all the action you'll also need some health. Power and the ability to endure power is what you need.

Step 1) All statistic points will go into Strength.
Step 1 Summary: Strength +5
Duration: Until Strength reaches 100 (Soft Cap Lv. 1).

Step 2) Begin to be able to endure at this point.
Step 2 Summary: Strength +2 | Vitality +1
Duration: Until Strength reaches 200 (Soft Cap Lv. 2), Vitality reaches 50.

Step 3) You'll need some more life, but keep pumping that Strength.
Step 3 Summary: Strength +1 | Vitality +2
Duration: Until Strength reaches 300, Vitality reaches 200.

Step 4) Everything begins to slow down. Keep up your power and endurance.
Step 4 Summary: Strength +1 | Vitality +1
Duration: Until Strength Reaches 400 (Soft Cap Lv. 3), Vitality reaches 300.

Step 5)You have the power to live, now you need to control the power to destroy.
Step 5 Summary: Strength +1
Duration: Until Lv. 200.

-The Skills-

The Iop has a large arsenal of skills to fiddle around with. With a close-range build, you will use some of these spells to your advantage.

Name: Pressure
Short Description: Deals moderate earth damage at a small range.
Level Obtained: 1
Element: Earth
Useful Rating: ***/*****
AP at Rank 5: 3
Level this To: *****
Pros: Moderately powerful earth-type spell. Invaluable up to Concentration.
Cons: Concentration does a lot more damage, and costs less AP to use.
Comments: This is a very useful skills. Though is is relatively weak, it is a must-have spell. When you are one tile away, or you are left with a couple AP, this spell is invaluable.

Name: Intimidation
Short Description: Pushes away an enemy.
Level Obtained: 1
Element: Neutral
Useful Rating: **/*****
AP at 5: 3
Level this To: * OR ****
Pros: Low AP cost combined with a useful knockback of 3. Neutral element, so is affected by Strength.
Cons: Is only useful for leveling. Release can deal 0 damage, so it is useful for moving allies. For escaping, Release is overall better.
Comments: It's useful for leveling, or for killing low HP enemies for the hell of it. I prefer Release.

Name: Jump
Short Description: Allows you tp move at far distances.
Level Obtained: 1
Element: Support Skill
Useful Rating: *****/*****
AP at 5: 5
Level this To: *****
Pros: Allows quick movement of the map. Can be used to move and attack in one turn with 10 AP. Allows the escape of a tackle-zone.
Cons: Constant Crit. Fail of 1/15 until level 6.
Comments: An extremely valuable skill, you'll be using it through your entire Iop career. It allows quick mobility through the map, and is a must have is you have any - MP equipment. (Treechnid Set)

Name: Cut
Short Description: Cripples your enemy.
Level Obtained: 26
Element: Fire
Useful Rating: ****/*****
AP at 5: 4
Level this To: *****
Pros: It cripples your enemy, allowing you to reach him without Jump the following turn.
Cons: It is fire elemental, therefore will deal slight damage. It's range is in a line.
Comments: For PvP, this spell will help you crush your enemy. An enemy with the base 3 MP will only be left with 1, which should let you reach them next turn. This skill is the key strategy against enemies that have skills such as Retreat Arrow, Frightening Word, Release, Etc.

Name: Vitality
Short Description: Increases your life.
Level Obtained: 36
Element: Support Skill
Useful Rating: ****/*****
AP at 5: 4
Level this To: *****
Pros: Increases your life by a medium amount, lasts a very long time, and is stackable.
Cons: Will eventually run out, causing damage in the amount you increased by. Could leave you dead, or with 1 HP after the battle.
Comments: Useful for when you have a spare turn or beforehand. You can use this spell to regain some life when running away. Use with caution.

Name: Power
Short Description: YAHRG! POWER! Makes you stronger.
Level Obtained: 48
Element: Support Skill
Useful Rating: *****/*****
AP at 5: 6
Level this to: *****
Pros: Makes you 70% stronger! That means 70 more damage for every 100 damage you do. Can be casted on allies as well.
Cons: Um... 6 AP Cost?
Comments: Whoohoo! This spell pwns! This spell is one of the pieces of the ultimate damage combo.

Name: Mutilation
Short Description: You give up a little life, but deal a LOT more damage.
Level Obtained: 54
Element: Support Skill
Useful Rating: ****/*****
AP at 5: 2
Level this To: *****
Pros: You deal 40 more damage each time you use this spell. It is stackable. Very low AP cost. If something casts Sacrifice on you, they lose the 20 life.
Cons: You lose 20 HP per cast at rank 5. It'll last for only one turn.
Comments: Part of the ultimate damage combo. High damage efficient, dealing 160 more damage in return for 80 life.

Name: Concentration
Short Description: If 'slight Earth-Type' damage means more than Pressure, then yes, it is indeed, slight.
Level Obtained: 80
Element: Earth
Useful Rating: *****/*****
AP at 5: 2 (!)
Level this To: *****
Pros: Extremely low AP cost, and a lot more damage than Pressure. Is a NON-FATAL Crit. Fail! Plus, the thing looks cool!
Cons: For efficiancy, you would have to drop 250,000 kamas to completely forget Pressure and get those points back. Pressure has one more range at Rank 6.

-The Items-

Equipment-Wise, this build is the opposite of cheap. You need a steady supply of money at hand for these expensive items.

Level 1-9: Adventure Set + Powerful Twiggy Sword
Level 10-25: Strength Gobball Set + Nag Rider Blade
Level 26-44: Strength Gobball Set + Powerful Knight Sword
Level 45-51: Treechnid Set + Powerful Knight Sword
Level 52-??: Treechnid Set + Raziel

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<3 Zodi

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PostSubject: Re: Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop   Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:45 pm

ooooh, sounds good. maybe i'll try it out
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PostSubject: Re: Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop   Wed Mar 14, 2007 12:30 pm

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce lol! Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop   

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Build - Hand-to-Hand Iop
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